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January 18, 2019

Capitol News.  Well it’s official.  With the inauguration of Governor JB Pritzker a new era has begun in Illinois.  On Monday, Governor Pritzker, Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton and the Constitutional officers of the state were sworn in for a new round of four year terms.   Supporters are full of hope and ambition.  Many others are waiting to see how the new administration deals with a host of challenges facing our state: Pension reform, infrastructure needs, budget pressure, a backlog of more than $7 billion owed to vendors, revenues to couple with spending plans and more.  We certainly wish the best to the new leadership.

Legislative leaders are working on naming their leadership teams.  Majority leaders in both chambers have begun making announcements on the makeup of their leadership teams.  Minority leaders too are naming their deputy leaders.  All are waiting for Speaker Madigan and President Cullerton to announce what committees they will put in place for the new 101stGeneral Assembly, then appointments to committees can begin.  We should start to see how they will be constituted over the next few weeks. 

Get ready for a new and different way of doing things.

Mark Strawn   AGC Lobbyist.   217.789.1570

Education Foundation Scholarship Application.  Applications for the Education Foundation Scholarships for the 2019-20 academic year are now available.  Deadline for applying is March 15, 2019.

At its meeting on December 4th, the Education Foundation approved raising the scholarship amount to $3,000per year.  Scholarships are renewable for up to four (4) years of undergraduate work provided the recipient remains in good standing and has a grade point average of 2.0 or above.

Applicants must be a child or grandchild of a full-time employee of an AGCI member; must be a high school graduate or will graduate the year applying; must have greater than or equal to a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale grade point average; must be majoring in a curriculum which will be compatible with a career in the construction industry; and must be pursuing undergraduate work only.

An application and statement of requirements may be found on AGCI’s website at

The Education Foundation encourages members to advertise the application to your employees.

2019 Leadership Academy.  AGCI is accepting applications for the 2019 Leadership Academy.  The purpose of the Academy is to focus on leadership principles and management techniques that benefit your professionals on the job today and prepare them for increased responsibilities in the future.  Ken Bradford is a charismatic coach and master mentor and he leads the program.

The curriculum guides participants to think critically about important issues facing our industry, while preparing them to be leaders in their companies.  Class members complete a leadership assessment, design goal-oriented assignments, and each session present oral reports on their specific applications.  Between sessions, candidates receive telephone coaching from the instructor.

There are 4 sessions per year with the classes running from 1 to 5 on the first day and 8 to noon on the second day.  The first session is scheduled for February 5-6.  The fee is $1,000 per participant.  The application form can be found at

Transportation Funding.  TFIC continues to solicit names and zip codes from citizens supporting a new transportation funding plan. Please ask your employees, friends and family to take a minute to go on-line and register support for equitable transportation funding. Use the following to register your support on-line:

End of Week Summary January 18 can be found at

Manhole and Valve Vault Highway Standards revision.  Effective for the March 8, 2019 Letting, additional revisions have been made to the Highway Standards and the BDE Special Provision for manholes and valve vaults.

The revision to the Highway Standards involves moving the wall reinforcement to the center of the wall of the precast units, for units 4’ through 9’ in diameter.  This change allows removal of lifting restrictions on certain base slab joint configurations and alleviates handling concerns after the segments are cast.  The revision to the BDE Special Provision involves revising the list of previous versions of the standards which are still considered acceptable provided the manhole/valve vault is manufactured prior to March 1, 2019. 

The revised documents will be published on IDOT’s website in the coming weeks.  In the interim, please find them attached for your convenience.

Manhole and Valve Vault Highway Standards 


Industry Watch

Construction Employment Increases in December 2018 in 43 States and D.C.; 26 States Add Construction Jobs From November to December

Construction Costs Dip in December but Most Materials and Services Prices Accelerate in 2018; New-Building Price Index Also Rises for Year

Average 2018 Wage Increases for Construction Support Staff Estimated at 3.4% for 2018