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March 15, 2019

Capitol News.  Committee deadlines are fast approaching in both Chambers.  Bills need to pass from Committees to the floor by the end of the month in the House and by the end of next week in the Senate.   With almost 6000 bills introduced, members are starting to realize that time is running out to get their bills heard and moving.  In almost all cases, for AGCI, slow is just fine.

Our lobbying efforts have been focused on three main topics.  First and last is continuing to meet and educate members of the General Assembly about the need for a new Capital Plan to fund transportation infrastructure.  AGCI members and staff along with representatives from the downstate Operating Engineers met with legislators to brief them on TFIC needs analysis and funding recommendations.  Similar meetings have been hosted by TFIC and other transportation associations.  We will continue with the briefings as they have been well received by those in attendance.  Second:  Prevailing Wage for Trucking SB 1783.  The Teamsters have again brought forth a proposal to expand PW to the delivery of aggregate, Ready Mix and other materials to the jobsite.  Mid-West Truckers has provided valuable knowledge on the issue.  A strong coalition of construction interests have raised concerns about the implementation and added expense this legislation would require.  Besides, this issue was litigated 25 plus years ago in the Sparks and Wiewel v Department of Labor, where it was held the Prevailing Wage cannotbe applied to the delivery of materials to the jobsite.  A hearing will be held next week in the Senate Executive Committee.  While the Committee is stacked, if you know any of the following Democratic members, please reach out and let them know what a bad precedent this would set:  Mike Hastings – Chairman (sponsor of the legislation), Sen. Don Harmon, President John Cullerton, Sen. N. Harris, Sen. L. Holmes, Sent M. Hunter, Sen. T Hutchinson, Sen. K. Lightford, Sen. T. Link, Sen. I. Martinez, Sen. J. Mulroe, Sen. H Steans.  As you can see this will be a challenge, but please reach out where you can.  Third heater is a reprise from last year, SB 177, which seeks to impose MBE/DBE programs on local units of government that receive more than $2million annually from the distribution of MFT.  The legislation has been litigated and found to be illegal in Richmond, Va., until those units of government conduct disparity studies to determine if MBE/DBE firms in that locale have been disadvantaged by the existing purchasing practices.  There are numerous challenges in this legislative environment.

Please see the AGCI websitefor legislation we are following.   Mark Strawn, AGCI Lobbyist.   217.789.1570.

Today’s Challenge Tomorrow’s Reward Conference will be held March 25-26 at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Springfield.  AGCI encourages members to attend.  Attached please find a registration form and agenda for the conference or you can register online at

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