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October 18, 2019


113th Annual Convention.  Be on the look out for the schedule and registration form for the 113th Annual Convention.  They should hit your inbox next Friday. 

The convention is scheduled for December 9-10, 2019 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Springfield.  We have a great line up of sessions and speakers as well as luncheons and the reception.  More to follow.

IDOT/Industry Joint Coop Highways Committee.  Agenda items for the next Joint Coop Highways Committee are due by October 30th.  If you have any items please contact Bill Frey.

Leadership Academy.  We are now accepting applications for the 2020 Leadership Academy.  The curriculum guides participants to think critically about important issues facing our industry, while preparing them to be leaders in their companies.  Class members complete a leadership assessment, design goal-oriented assignments, and each session present oral reports on their specific applications.  Between sessions, candidate receive telephone coaching from Ken Bradford.  Ken is a charismatic coach and master mentor who leads the program. 

The goal is to engage and develop key individuals—the 20 something to 50 something managers—who are or will be leading your company, making proposal presentations, conducting meetings and servicing on committees while directing the future of the construction industry. 

There are four sessions and graduation.  Sessions are held once a quarter, affording time to practice and take care of business between sessions.  Sessions usually take place on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00—5:00 p.m. and Thursday mornings from 8:00 a.m.—Noon.  The fee is $1,000 per person.

The application form is attached. 


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