Foundation Scholarship Recipients



David Riordan (Tobey's Const.)

Steve Starwalt (Wortman-Starwalt)

David Wortman (Wortman-Starwalt)

David Tyrolt (Dunn Company)

Craig Smith (Merrills Contractors)

Doug McPherson (Mt. Carmel Sand & Gravel)

Marcus Bruce (Frank C. Feutz)

Brian Culberson (Sankey Const.)

Kevin Heitz (Ladd Const.)

Brian Blair (Frank C. Feutz)

James Walsh (Ladd Const.)

Bill Antonacci (Halverson Const.)

Jason Holdorf (Valley Const.)

Matthew Sudduth (Homer Chastain)

Scott Blair (Frank C. Feutz)

Michael Hass (Valley Const.)

Brian Aho (Merrills Contractors)

David Bohnenstiehl (Calhoun Co. Contg.)

Kelly Smith (Dunn Company)

Justan Mann (O'Daniel Trucking)

Jeffrey Kern (Apcon Corp.)

David Stark (Stark Excavating)

David Hass (Valley Construction)

Brandon Edwards (O'Daniel Trucking)

Thomas Rankin (A.J. Walker Const.)

Justin Johnston (Illinois Concrete)

Matthew Willey (Egizii Electric)

John Hennegan (Hennegan & Associates)

Amy Fair (Prestress Engineering)

Douglas Whitlock (Structural Rubber Products)

Matthew Stukenberg (Baxmeyer Construction)

Kristopher White (MACC of Ill)

Benjamin Huckaba (Howell Asphalt)

Steven Urnikis (Coulter Construction)

Matthew Brawley (PJR & Associates)

Michael Willey (Egizii Electric)

Kari Unverfehrt (Columbia Quarry)

Jessica Hillyer (Hillyer, Inc.)

Maureen Bush (McCarthy Improvement) (2005)

Kristopher Montgomery (Halverson Construction) (2005)

Ryan Dodge (Halverson Construction) (2005)

Michael Rockwell (Brandt Construction) (2006)

Erich Thomas (Valley Construction) (2006)

John Bush (McCarthy Improvement) (2007)

Samuel Williams (Illinois Valley Paving) (2007)

Nick Bisby (Brandt Construction)

Ryan Hillyer (Hilllyer, Inc.)

Nathan Goodard (Hillyer, Inc.)

Nick Miller (Diamond Construction)

Richard Cooper (Egyptian Concrete)

Andrew Keenan (Prestress Engineering)

Richard Tockes (Midwest Foundation)

Rachel Clark (Midwest Foundation)

Blair Dunn (Dunn Company)

Jonathan Franklin (Midwest Foundation)

Michael Breheny (J.L. Hubbard Ins. & Bonds)

Ryan Wisch (DeLong’s Inc.)

Ryan Laverdiere (Laverdiere Construction)

Jordan Ruhrup (Rowe Construction)

Adam Bruner (United Contractors Midwest)

Katelyn Hillyer (Gunther Construction)

Zachary Hoyle (Laverdiere Construction)  

Jeff Dokey (AGCI)

David Ruwe (O’Neil Bros. Const.)

Jared Ruhrup (Rowe Const.)

Alex Joines (Kankakee Valley Const.)

Dylan Sanders (Halverson Construction)

Christian Peisker (O'Neil Bros. Construction)

Cole Reuter (Midwest Foundation)

Ryan Brumleve (E.T. Simonds Const.)

Kyle Brumleve (E.T. Simonds Const.)

Hillary Kinney (Kinney Contractors)

Corey Dowd (Ne-Co Asphalt)

Jonathon Nord (Stark Excavating)

Emily Coates (United Contractors Midwest)

Jon Kinney (Kinney Contractors)

John Kintz (Call One)

Jared Beeson (United Contractors Midwest)

Joshua Boyda (Vulcan Materials)

Dillon Ingles (G.M. Sipes Construction)

Will Frey (AGCI)

Riley Kemper (Varsity Striping & Const.)

Robert Kinney (Kinney Contractors)

Stephen Saunders (United Contractors Midwest)

Sydner Gerber (Keller Construction)

Levi James (Kieffer Bros. Construction)

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